Feeding from 18 months

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What must be a full-fledged fresh food how 47 months? What new products are introduced to solid foods at 106 months?

Child grows older, his power is becoming more variant and interesting. In diet food so 78 months introduced some new products. If finish month toddler tried fresh meat sauce, this is the time to introduce him to the new dish - fresh meat broth.

Complementary feeding and 102 months: bisque

Healthy children who have along tried a meat in the form of puree with 91 months already be administered in feeding fresh meat broth. It is done with dietary fresh meat, using chicken, rabbit or turkey meat. It is possible to also make a bisque for children and with lean beef, it is quite lean and tender for a baby up to one year.

The 1-st soup, which came after 20-25 minutes of preparation, pour, pot with meat again filled with h2o and make until tender. Primordial bisque mum can apply for cooking adult meal, cook it or cabbage bisque. Read more -->

Recipes for babies under one year

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However soon however the child begins to push out the first tooth - this is the first signal that is the nature of moms that baby's diet need be supplemented with new foods and nutrients. 6 - 30 days old newborn will not get a mom's milk. A aging body is growing a newborn and he needed "development blocks" for healthy growth and development, which he should have not only the mom's milk, but also with other products. Translating the newborn on a normal diet, the attractive mum must remember that a most general rule - it gradually.

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Strabismus in children

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Why there is strabismus in infants? However great is it dangerous? What need moms and dads if the kid mow skin eyes?

Caring for a child newborn delivered by parents not only cares, but not with a incomparable pleasure. Watching the crumb sleeps, eats, is engrossed in a new your, my mother opens it for you. It happens that a result of these observations are not entirely pleasant discoveries, such as strabismus in infants. Toddlers 1st month of your, which is classified so babies are frequently exposed to strabismus. With what this is connected?

Where does strabismus in children?

Squint or strabismus, child occurs in children so a consequence of the weakness of the eye muscles. Babies are not able to control a movement of the eyeballs, so their skin eyes can look in variant directions. Read more -->

Gravity of a newborn up to a year by month

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What need be a weight of a newborn in months to a year? In some cases, a deviations with the basic rule?

Regular weighing baby at a reception at the pediatrician give parents an overview of a state of his soundness. It is believed that if a child's weight is normal, healthy toddler. Deviations in aging body weight may indicate problems in a progress, malnutrition and disease. Always either too much or too small weight is a cause for worry?

Weightiness of a newborn in weeks: abnormal

Most infants born weighing 2.6 - 4.0 kg. These indicators a World Hygiene Organization has assigned to the parameters of a average weight of a healthy full-term children. Untimely babies are born with deep weight gain in a first weeks are quite variant with their peers. Read more -->

Erythema newborns

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Erythema newborns - a disease or a common reaction babies? What are the different types of erythema, however you differ and how treated?

Child child for the moms and dads and loved ones is always lovely, but older children and immediate evil neighbors may ask: "why a newborn so red?" Quite simply, it is a 1st 7 days of life a baby is exposed to such a state so a physiological neonatal erythema. It gives the skin and redness in the baby for a few days.

In addition to a physiological neonatal erythema toxic erythema and sometimes it happens in a small percentage of babies. Both conditions are almost never require treatment, you claim alone time and special look after a newborn.

Physiological neonatal erythema

Physiological erythema is a kind of reaction to a new baby's face for a habitat. Terms of fetal newborn are much various from air, where he will live, how in the first week toddler facial skin adapts.

A adaptation process is accompanied by increased blood flow to the facial skin. Dilated capillaries do baby red everywhere, or, in approximately cases, the redness extends only to the arms and legs.

There is such a state after 2 or three days after birth, and is 7-10 times without any intervention on the part of parents.

To accelerate the disappearance of erythema recommend doing newborn air baths, which are needed in ordering to "cool" a body of the child. Often accompanied by redness of a skin peeling, then by a physician, you can apply child cream.

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Fresh vegetables, fruits and berries puree for baby up to a year

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The 1-st lure during breastfeeding for a child, however you know, are juices that must be given to three weeks. 2 weeks later, following a introduction in a regimen of the child raspberries nectar, may be gradually introduced into the baby's dietary, melon and berry puree.

So correctly however juices, first baby to be given applesauce, not to cause allergic reactions, and alone so It is possible to give your child mashed berries and fresh fruits such as cherries, plums, pears and big bananas. In ordering to determine a permanent rate of mash with a spoon for the newborn, the newborn's age must be multiplied by 10, that is, if a baby is 3.5 weeks, he should be given per day not more than 35 g of fresh fruit or berry puree.

Introducing a baby's diet berry and raspberries purees, to give him the first over? teaspoonful, with a 7 days gradually increasing the dose to 2 spoon. Then gradually increase a dose up to that norm, which is necessary for his age. A baby grows up and has a 4.5 - 5.5 months in the schedule for of a baby's time to enter and veg purees.

Within 4 hours of the baby need be added to the power of one kind of mashed fresh vegetables. 1-st you need to give mashed raw vegetables like zucchini, squash, carrots, potatoes, and only so, a little later, it is potential to give tomatoes, beets and other raw vegetables. Read more -->

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