Organization of a holiday - it's easy!

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Birthday - this is probably the most momentous holiday for a baby. That's alone in a majority of cases in children all birthdays are monotonous. It seems to be near loved ones, same and congratulations poured merry brook, and gifts abound... But alone, it is still something missing! And then the baby's parents begin to To think of about how the upcoming birthday of their child do not similar a previous one.

Organization and holding of festivals - that's the chief issue faced by most moms and dads. They face, however you Think about, a number of unresolved and complex questions. Where to celebrate a birthday of the baby? What kind of entertainment to take? Whom to invite?

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The benefits of breast-feeding

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Breast-feeding: Any main facts

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Table height and weightiness of children under one year

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Forever newborn

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A appearance of a newborn in the family dramatically changes a lives of parents, makes it a qualitatively new, putting other priorities, changing lifestyle. Undergoing beautiful changes and their special routine, now it adjusts a image of the infant's life.

Time child baby is varied variety: newborn just eats and sleeps, but such a "simple" graph can make a lot of difficulties for mom. Ofttimes, a prettily mum in despair, production a selection between a two classical solution of a matter: to adjust to the newborn or to strive to form a schedule convenient for you.

Why child time regimen

A main thing you need for a child child, it is to be regularly fed, given to sleep, bathe and went out with him. Modern doctors are of a opinion that a child should be fed "on need" and not by a hour. But for mother is not too convenient, if it does not know when the newborn wakes up and will need any batch of milk, so it is advisable to make some symbiosis of these two approaches. It must combining the needs of a baby and some comfort for mother.

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Breast milk. The composition and a use of fresh natural milk.

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Everyone knows that warm milk - the perfect food for the newborn.

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In the hospital

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Earlier we end up in a hospital, a young woman must enjoy time to do much. What should it maintenance?

A birth of the child - the most joyous and wonderful case in a lives of gerls. Following nine weeks of pregnancy, she finally sees her child may watch them indulge. But earlier all this happens, it will get to pass one of the tests - delivery or cesarean section. Despite the fact that now in Russia there is a practice of private home birth, most women still give birth at the hospital. This institution is intended to facilitate childbirth, care about women and the child children. Read more -->

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