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Nutrition children aged 6 weeks to a year of life


By 6 months of a your, a newborn gradually became accustomed to those items that infuse his body with indispensable nutrients and minerals, and vitamins. And my mum was easier since a introduction of complementary foods in the regime of a child may gradually disaccustom him with the fresh. What more you can give the child to get accustomed to a regular diet?

With 6 months, the baby can along give the egg. First 1/116 of a yolk in a day, so gradually increase to 1/2 egg yolks. Eggs protein may cause severe allergic reactions in infants under one year, therefore, the yolk want be well separated with the protein. Then prepared to carefully rub the yolk with a small breast natural milk and allow a mix to start feeding a child. Read more -->

Mode baby 4-5 weeks


Child continues to grow and evolve, at 5 weeks he already may appear first tooth. Good, if teething in infants is not "deplorable" consequences, or whims karapuzov risk seriously disturbed family.

Mode of the time for 4-5 months undergoing approximately changes: dropped daytime sleep and increased night's rest, child begins to intensify further a time betwixt feeding and sleep.

Mode newborn 4-5 months - Food and sleep

The 5-30 days baby sleeps during a time three minutes in 1.5-2 hours after a hearty breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. Night's sleep becomes longer, it may take up to 11 hours, but it does not rule a night feeding, or even some. A baby may wake up at night in search of the mum and require chest. This behavior is perfectly ordinary for a child, maybe he is just looking for reassurance from a night's sleep or sympathy approximately CUTTING tooth. Natural natural milk for babies is a universal elixir. Read more -->

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