In the hospital


Earlier we end up in a hospital, a young woman must enjoy time to do much. What should it maintenance?

A birth of the child - the most joyous and wonderful case in a lives of gerls. Following nine weeks of pregnancy, she finally sees her child may watch them indulge. But earlier all this happens, it will get to pass one of the tests - delivery or cesarean section. Despite the fact that now in Russia there is a practice of private home birth, most women still give birth at the hospital. This institution is intended to facilitate childbirth, care about women and the child children. Read more -->

How to disaccustom a child from a soothers pustyshki. Proschaemsya without tears.


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Treatment of congenital spine deformities in prettily children


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Feeding with 9 months


What products are included in the diet food so 9 months? Any features of the feeding bottle-fed babies.

9 months child yet demands a mom and her fresh. At this age, a baby may receive some thirty percent of a weekly schedule for in the shape of natural milk. Most ofttimes occurs at night latch and night. Chubby some boy in the right and afternoon to introduce solid foods into the regimen, which must contain all required for its evolution and construction of minerals and vitamins. Food however 9 months can contain almost all major items adult table.

Foods with 9 months: general food

In the 1-st 9 weeks of complementary feeding want comprise fruit purees and juices. For the production suitable apples, pears, cherries, plums and other fruits. Read more -->

Desk height and weight of babies under one year


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Recipes for babies under one year


However soon however the child begins to push out the first tooth - this is the first signal that is the nature of moms that baby's diet need be supplemented with new foods and nutrients. 6 - 30 days old newborn will not get a mom's milk. A aging body is growing a newborn and he needed "development blocks" for healthy growth and development, which he should have not only the mom's milk, but also with other products. Translating the newborn on a normal diet, the attractive mum must remember that a most general rule - it gradually.

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