Feeding from 7 weeks


What need be a full feeding from 7 months? Meat and dairy items with a menu kid. If a Tooth Fairy yet flew to a child, it was somewhere close. Soon toddler will eat more solid fresh food, strive it on your brand new teeth, but for currently all of a meal on a plate of the child is given a puree. This does not prevent parents in foods with 7 months to gradually introduce meat "dishes."

Complementary feeding and 7 months: meat day menu

Animal protein supplies a body with a lot of nutrients, start to enter into a child's food for 7 months. However long however the baby is not ready for chewing and nibbles hard fibers of meat, so a meat on his table are familiar puree consistency. Option meats depends on a preferences of a parents, but there are certain rules. Read more -->

Colds in children


Temperature, skin eyes dull, pale cheeks, or on the contrary, a red, flowing out of the spout, refuses the breast - the kid had a cold. Somewhere deep down you knew that would otherwise not raise a child, but however do you want to believe the best. Do not worry and do not panic. Currently alone depends on you as fast a newborn will go done the painful symptoms.

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The benefits of breast-feeding


Breast-feeding: Any main facts

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Table height and weightiness of children under one year


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Hardening baby water


When and how to hardening of a child with h2o, how that it became stronger, and not a coldness? What want be the aqua treatment?

One of a most common ways of tempering infants are h2o treatments. They are free to all children of all ages. H2o gently affects a face and the immune system, it performs and hygiene, and tempering function.

Production weekly evening swimming, moms and dads influence a baby's aging body with water, as the proceedings is performed hardening and creating a base for his health. Seasoned newborn is protected against many viral and respiratory illnesses due to increased immunity.

Mum every time to bathe a child in a bath, washes it and washes. These water treatment can be performed with h2o of different temperatures. It all depends on a age and intensity of hardening.

Water hardening while swimming

A normal evening bath babies and babies first year of life is a baby bath, a specially adapted for these procedures. Read more -->

Raw vegetables, fruits and plum puree for baby up to a year


A first lure during lactation for the baby, however you know, are juices that should be given to three months. 2 weeks later, following the introduction in the ration of the baby fresh fruit juice, can be gradually introduced into a child's regimen, fruits and berry puree.

As right so juices, first newborn to be given applesauce, not to cause allergic reactions, and only so It is possible to give your newborn mashed fruits and fresh fruits like cherries, plums, pears and medium bananas. In ordering to determine a permanently rate of bruise for the newborn, the baby's age should be multiplied by 10, that is, if a child is 3.5 months, he must be given daily not more than 35 grams of melon or berry puree.

Introducing a newborn's ration berry and raspberries purees, to give him the 1-st complete? tsp., with a week gradually increasing the dose to 2 tbsp.. So gradually increase a dose up to that norm, which is indispensable for his age. The child grows up and has a 4.5 - 5.5 weeks in the diet of a newborn's time to enter and veg purees.

Within 4 times of the child need be added to a power of one kind of mashed raw vegetables. First you want to give mashed raw vegetables such as zucchini, squash, carrots, potatoes, and only then, a some later, it is possible to give tomatoes, beets and other raw vegetables. Read more -->

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