Nutrition infants aged 6 weeks to a year of life


By 6 months of the life, the baby gradually became accustomed to those items that infuse his aging body with required nutrients and minerals, and vitamins. And my mum was easier since the introduction of complementary foods in the dietary of a baby can gradually disaccustom him with a fresh. What more you can give a child to become accustomed to a regular diet?

With 6 months, the baby may along give the egg yolk. First 1/47 of the yolk in the day, and then gradually increase to 1/2 egg yolks. Eggs protein may cause severe allergic reactions in babies under one year, why, the yolk should be comfortably separated with a protein. Then prepared to closely rub the yolk with a some fresh milk and allow a mixture to start feeding a newborn. Read more -->

Kit for the newborn


That should always be kept in a medicine cabinet for a newborn? Makeup kit for the newborn:

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Feeding from 7 weeks


What should be a full feeding from 7 months? Fresh meat and dairy items from the day menu kid. If the Tooth Fairy yet flew to the baby, it was somewhere close. Soon toddler will eat more solid diet food, strive it on a brand new teeth, but for now all of the diet food on a plate of a child is given a puree. This does not prevent moms and dads in foods with 7 months to gradually introduce meat "dishes."

Complementary feeding and 7 months: meat day menu

Animal protein supplies the body with a lot of nutrients, begin to enter into the child's regimen for 7 weeks. How long as the child is not ready for chewing and nibbles hard fibers of fresh meat, however the fresh meat on his desk are familiar puree consistency. Selection meats depends on the preferences of the moms and dads, but there are certain rules. Read more -->

Desk height and mass of infants under one year


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The benefits of lactation


Breast-feeding: Approximately general facts

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Feeding from 5 weeks


What must be the diet food however 5 weeks? What products can be included in children's meals?

Start to introduce solid foods to a regimen of a child can be at varied ages. Some kids wish it from the third 30 days, the other is enough mother's fresh natural milk, and in a sixth 30 days of life. In foods from 5 weeks to be included most required for newborn diet food items. Since entering them in a schedule for, should closely monitor a baby's response to them, see however it behaves in the tummy, intestines, if there is a allergy.

Complementary feeding and 5 weeks: porridge

For a child 5 months daily intake of food should be almost a kg. This number go warm milk mix and solid foods. Most ofttimes in this age toddler eats 5 times a day. Read more -->

As to pick a diaper


On the market at the present time presents more than a dozen various types of diapers. So a attractive mother to find out what is good and most suited her newborn? 1st of all, when choosing diapers, require to consider the properties and size.

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