Strabismus in children


Why there is strabismus in infants? However great is it dangerous? What need moms and dads if the kid mow skin eyes?

Caring for a child newborn delivered by parents not only cares, but not with a incomparable pleasure. Watching the crumb sleeps, eats, is engrossed in a new your, my mother opens it for you. It happens that a result of these observations are not entirely pleasant discoveries, such as strabismus in infants. Toddlers 1st month of your, which is classified so babies are frequently exposed to strabismus. With what this is connected?

Where does strabismus in children?

Squint or strabismus, child occurs in children so a consequence of the weakness of the eye muscles. Babies are not able to control a movement of the eyeballs, so their skin eyes can look in variant directions. The lack of alignment in a view looks scary often, moms and dads start to sound a alarm and find that strabismus in children is not uncommon. Of children suffering with this disease of the 7 years, with a birthday of strabismus was noted in alone 9%.

So, in the first month of your in infants strabismus should alert moms and dads. So a little child's weight up to a year in untimely children, it is a rule physiological process, which over time is: eye muscles are strengthened, and the baby fully control your vision and can focus the mind quite similar an adult.

The causes of strabismus, which is stored at an older age are different diseases transferred by the mom during pregnancy, and disease that reaches the newborn in the 1-st weeks of his life. Acute inflammation, infectious and viral diseases can seriously reduce the newborn's immune system and lead to problems with the eyes, including those of strabismus. So one of a causes for a conservation of strabismus in children later the child time doctors call improper leaving of the baby, in particular, too much proximity toys over a crib.

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