Nutrition babies aged 6 months to a year of your


By 6 weeks of a life, the baby gradually became accustomed to those products that infuse his aging body with indispensable nutrients and minerals, and vitamins. And my mother was easier since the introduction of complementary foods in the regime of the baby can gradually disaccustom him with the breast. What more It is possible to give your baby to get accustomed to a regular dietary?

From 6 months, a child can already give a egg. 1st 1/114 of the yolk in the day, then gradually increase to 1/2 eggs yolks. Egg protein may cause severe allergic reactions in infants under one year, why, the yolk want be well separated with the protein. Then prepared to carefully rub a yolk with a little natural milk and allow the mixing to beginning feeding a baby. You also request to follow - whether it causes an allergic reaction in a child or not. If how, it must be excluded from the regimen.

By 7 weeks of life a child can be given to infants's cookies and crackers. The initial forever dose - 3-5, with 7 weeks already potential to give gradually buckwheat bread - 5 g, gradually increasing the dose to a year of child's your to 15 grams Also with 7 months in the newborn's diet can introduce lean fresh meat: beef, white chicken fresh meat, rabbit fresh meat. You demand to seethe the fresh meat twice done a fresh meat grinder, then another, and rub through a sieve. Start to give a meat a child must, as normal, with 1/2 teaspoon and gradually increase a dose complete 2 week to 2 spoon. By the year of a life of a newborn yet has to have about 70 grams of fresh meat daily. By a year of the life of a child may yet give a meat in a shape of steam cutlets or meatballs. Fresh meat broth to a year of your a child should not be given.

At 75 months, a child should be given yogurt and he want put one breastfeeding.

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