Feeding from 11 months


What features exist in foods from 11 months? What should be a full and adequate complementary feeding at 11 weeks?

So tooth came with a child? Tot 11 months yet enjoy a proud, smiling from ear to eye! There comes a time when he can start to apply a teeth for your intended purpose, that is to apply them for chewing. Honed in on especial teether, spoon and my mum's fingers are small teeth are quite prepared to help fumes eat. Lure of 11 months is diverse and interesting, at the present time It is possible to chew food.

Food as 11 weeks: mashed potatoes or items?

If fruits and fresh vegetables included in the child's schedule for at 7 months, were ground to a consistency of mashed potatoes, now that a baby is a eleventh month, you can warm up with a spoon, rub on a coarse grater to toddler meals felt fibrous flesh of a item and learned to chew it. Giving kids slices for dessert medium apples and pears need constantly monitor a process of "obmusolivaniya" and nibbles to not put his newborn in her mouth the whole cutoff entirely and choked.

Fresh meat and fish products are also falling in the fray puree. And although while to chew pieces of beef baby is little, change meat mashed meat items is quite acceptable. Meatballs, meatballs of beef, chicken, rabbit, steamed or stewed, love a kid. These mom may make simple and delicious gravies.

Crab fillets has such mild texture that you do not claim to process the stuffing, enough to stretch fork already cooked product and mix up it with the sauce or broth, and a lovely crab dish is ready.

Lure of 11 months: a variety of dishes

Children at 11 weeks you can eat many foods, however moms and dads can make with them something unusual, original and tasty, same that newborn. Cereal and vegetable puree baby pretty bored, a new item, similar going to a children's store, will interest his 1st shape, then a delicious contents.

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