Reaction young babies to the rhythms of a moon


All people who keep some interest in astrology, they know "the" sign of a zodiac and a quality that it represents. As, this approach to astrology is not quite correct, because only taken into account the sign of a zodiac in which a sun stood still in the moment of our birthday. But the sky is any star - the Moon. She symbolizes a unconscious, our habits, our emotions, dreams and vague desires, ie that part of our "I", which is not extremely accessible to ourselves. That is why a ancient people who thought a father of all things sun, the moon was called a mother. Of course, the Moon has on our psyche as a strong influence, how rightly however other celestial bodies, and a most vulnerable to a impact of babies.

How we know, children are much more sensitive than adults, so a smaller the newborn, a more he will be a sensitive to a various phenomena of nature. An example of this phenomenon may be called changing lunar cycles. Hundreds of moms confirm that the babies possess get more restless, irritable or tearful at a full moon. Therefore, every mother want keep an eye on the lunar calendar, or to heaven earlier planning something big with baby.

Other monthly surge sensitivity of a baby becomes the time when the moon returns to the sign of the zodiac in which it was at the birth of a baby. At this time, a newborn is more emotional, more in need of the mom and reluctantly let her off. Not hard to determine which was the sign of a moon at the time of birthday of the child, and in a future also apply a lunar calendar to outline a family affairs. It is also noticed that in this time a newborn, if he is able to speak much more freely express their feelings. Why, any discussion on a emotional topic better to these days.

Moon puts its mark on the child's personality. For example, a newborn with a Moon in Capricorn prefers hard and fixed mode of the day, the kid with a Moon in Aries will be the ringleader in all the infants's games. A girl with the Moon in Virgo love beading because of its striving to detail, while the kid with the Moon in Leo will similar public speaking. Moon in Pisces shows nice sensitivity and vulnerability of the baby, such children ofttimes exhibit senzitivov abilities, like clairvoyance, prophetic dreams.

Over the years, a child gradually loses its sensitivity to the organic cycles of the moon. So, however we know, even adults are not free with a influence of a moon, however a moon is full you get to be extra careful on a roads and in a fields related to the fine work and communicate with people.

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