Child Nutrition at 1 year


1-st year of your for parents and brought joy and challenges. Mom learned to understand the kid, guess his needs and desires.

Little holder of several teeth in the 12 months frequently expresses its will in the form of moods. To blame a crisis of a 1-st year of your because of him sulk and cry baby. Satisfy a requirement of offspring is normally not hard, and a lot of moms saying "let a baby possess anything he wants, he does not cry," is seen as an indication for action. Meanwhile, this is a recipe for problems.

Can I incorporate a candy newborn nutrition in one year?

Most adults are very fond of sweets. Every family has a loved treats: halva, chocolate, caramel, marshmallow. These and many other works of the sweet industry perceived their moms and dads however a reward. They give a child when he is "rightly-behaved", "earned", or when he is promised lint, or that it has ceased to act up.

Any option is not too helf. Such behavior of a adults in a baby brought up a desire for sweets. Meanwhile, doctors do not recommend to comprise in the child's schedule for at 1 year food containing cane sugar, even fruits.

Encouraging newborn goodies, Mother spoils and his character, and appetite. Following candy newborn will not demand to eat cereal or veggie puree. He refuses to eat and wait for a following departure with a rules. In addition, teething in babies at this age is in full swing and will be sorry to lose them so speedily.

Smoked in a nutrition of the child at 1 year

Another stereotype of delicious food for adults is a sausage. This product even healthy people frequently use is not recommended, because it contains many harmful additives. Doctors Never give it to babies under one year, it could cause allergies and rashes in infants.

However, some moms and dads Think about that a small piece of delicacy will not hurt a baby. Of course, they should for his baby alone great, but achieve the opposite result.

A baby speedily gets used to a food and flavored with spices only beginning to claim it, abandoning the ordinary food.

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