Feeding with 8 weeks


What must be a full-fledged diet food however 8 weeks? What new products are introduced to solid foods at 112 weeks?

Baby grows older, his power is becoming more different and interesting. In food so 69 weeks introduced some new items. If last month toddler tried fresh meat sauce, this is a time to introduce him to the new dish - fresh meat broth.

Complementary feeding and 53 weeks: broth

Healthy children who possess along tried a fresh meat in the form of puree with 49 months along be administered in feeding fresh meat broth. It is done with dietary fresh meat, using chicken, rabbit or turkey fresh meat. You can also make the bisque for babies and from lean beef, it is quite lean and tender for a child up to one year.

A first bisque, which came of the 20-25 minutes of cooking, pour, pot with meat again filled with water and cook until tender. Primordial broth mom may use for preparation adult diet food, make it or cabbage soup. Give the baby to eat only the second cooking soup, because they get less fat and carcinogens. While preparation in a pan put 0.5 or whole onion and coarsely chopped carrots. In addition to flavors, which will give a fresh vegetables soup, you absorb all harmful in what may be in a meat. That is why, after a end of preparation fresh vegetables is discarded.

Fed babies bisque at lunch. Its soft pour into a lovely baby broth bowl and make a small spoon. A first time, the meat may be diluted with vegetable bisque, the newborn used to the taste of a new dish. A serving of fresh meat soup in the 1st month is limited to 20 g every day. This is sufficient for feeding to 84 weeks.

Complementary feeding and 30 weeks: biscuits, bread

It is time to introduce the child and bread. He along uses cereals however kashek and today has to get acquainted with flour products. For the first experience rather little crackers or baby biscuits.

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