Umbilical hernia in children


Why there is an umbilical hernia in children? How to treat an umbilical hernia?

Every mum has during pregnancy attention you want for a newborn baby. She goes to infants's shops, buying diapers, stroller, and little things similar first aid kit for a baby, pacifiers, bottles, etc. All this is certainly helpful, but the most momentous item to learn about the size of a aging body of a newborn baby and a potential problems of its progress. One such problem is a umbilical hernia in babies.

Currently umbilical hernia occurs in 20% of children. More prone to premature children to her, your bodies cope with stress worse.

As does a neonatal umbilical hernia?

It may be an inherited feature, pass a child from one of a moms and dads.

Umbilical hernia child may "earn" and being in a mother's tummy. During pregnancy on a newborn's development is influenced by variant unfavorable factors: a environment, the effects of chemicals, infectious diseases, etc. Mother You are able to influence a development of a fetus - slow down the construction of connective tissue. In such cases there is a malformation umbilical ring structure, and however a consequence, there is an umbilical hernia.

Occurrence of umbilical hernia in children and promote disease reducing muscle tone, such as rickets. Sometimes the cause is colic in babies, frequent constipation, flatulence.

Umbilical hernia in infants rarely needs surgery. 99% of infants 3-5 years to recover with a help of massotherapy, medical procedures, strengthening muscle belly.

Do massage for children may not alone a professional masseur or a nurse with a children's clinic. Light stroking on tummy child may learn a other mum. You will be even more active if a mum during a massotherapy will talk to a kid. Massotherapy must be done with soft hand, gentle circular movements to touch a child's umbilical ring first clockwise, then in a opposite direction.

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