In the hospital


Earlier we end up in a hospital, a young woman must enjoy time to do much. What should it maintenance?

A birth of the child - the most joyous and wonderful case in a lives of gerls. Following nine weeks of pregnancy, she finally sees her child may watch them indulge. But earlier all this happens, it will get to pass one of the tests - delivery or cesarean section. Despite the fact that now in Russia there is a practice of private home birth, most women still give birth at the hospital. This institution is intended to facilitate childbirth, care about women and the child children. Doctors maternity help kiddies will be born, on your skills and abilities depends healthy gerls and children.

What to do earlier the maternity hospital?

Long before a time when a want to go to a hospital, a girl 18 years old should make a list of everything that she needs to have done before. It may also involve redecorating a child's room, but it is good to do in advance and buy a dowry for a newborn, and a purchase of new furniture, and more. Of course, alone compiling a list of business need not be limited to, all items should be performed.

Do not put off to the finish minute and collect items for a hospital. Expectant mother want take with what she needs earlier birthday, during and immediately after. Other things (what a young woman goes out of the hospital, and what will be dressed child) must be collected and stacked. You were taken to a husband or parents, when you go and select up a young mother. A separate list may be composed for the spouse, however he knew the quantity of work to be executed until the wife with the child in a hospital.

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