A 1-st appointments


So to prepare the newborn for a first reception of a doctor? As to organize a first appointments to the child feel comfortable?

Nervous condition of parents before the first hike to the pediatrician for some reasons, a chief one of which is a worry for a newborn, which may 1-st have a long time to be in a public place a big gathering of strangers.

The 1st visit to the children's physician is usually recommended at a age of 1 30 days, before that comes caseworker, which looks at a condition and care of the child. Boycott a first visit is not required, since its purpose - control of evolution and the well-being of a baby.

Psychological readiness

Strangely enough a most momentous during the 1-st visit with a baby to the pediatrician psychological readiness mother. That depends on a state of the mood child, so do not dwell on thoughts of the terrible queues, hours waiting in a hallway, where lots of sick infants, which may infect a baby. Demand to convince myself that everything will be beautiful, and to take measures to ensure that all was correctly.

Organization of a 1st dose

To such an important case was helf, it want be thoroughly organized. 1st, we want inquire what day of the 7 days at your clinic is considered "malyshovym." Second, find out whether there is a record to the pediatrician, or there is a "living" part. If you can sign up and come to the time you should to do it, and take the time that is convenient for you. It is perfect, if it is late in the first, when the child was awake and ate. If a records are not available or there, but it is not observed (this is free from friends, neighbors mothers), you need enlist a help of someone else. The task will be to exercise assistant queue for you.

What exactly need be taken to the first visit is approachable from the visiting nurses. Usually in such a establish includes: a pair of diapers, oil cloth, diaper, spare kaftanchik, fresh food, soother and a pile of napkins (just in case). In addition, of course, must to pick up documents: insurance, passport mum, vaccination certificates, examination, medical history.

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