Miliaria in neonates and babies


Why there sudamen in babies? However to treat prickly heat in grudnichka?

A mom's love has tremendous energy force, it can give a child all a happiness of this world, but a failed treatment of this force can deliver and bother. It sometimes happens that a loving mom wants to make "best way" and a baby's leaving and warmth in the truest sense of the word.

Tendency to complete-wrap kids fraught with any unpleasant consequences, in particular, the face on a skin of children and diaper potnichki.

Sudamen however seen in children and children

Sudamen at grudnichka in full accordance with its name affects the parts of the newborn's body that are exposed to sweat. Most often it is the armpits, back, folds arms and legs, neck.

Sudamen seen in children first year of life how a rash of red spots. Normally the disease does not keep the rightly-being of a baby important influence, as, at a 1st symptoms should put all the necessary measures.

Sudamen prevention in children and infants

Avoid heat rash in children may be with preventive measures, which comprise frequent balneum children and wearing light clothes. If the newborn is 5 weeks, despite a measures taken, being constantly wet with sweat, it must bathe more ofttimes. In a summer it can be done some minutes per day, specifically if a procedure gives chubby small boy fun.

After the bath the child soak a mild towel, trying how good so potential to drain the facial skin. Good prevention of sudamen will air baths. They are taken at temperatures above eighteen degrees. Toddler stripped and left naked for some min. Newborn can be naked for 5-10 min, a baby 12 months - 30-40 min. This is best time for a light massage and gymnastics classes will help the newborn with his mum to take the time and not too cold-blooded.

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