Birthmarks in babies


When no lightness there baby, parents it may not be enough. None of them will come to mind and objective assessment of a beautiful of the child, because it has nothing to do with happiness and pride for child crumbs.

But to call parental love "blind" only in a figurative sense, because my mum every day examining a baby. Bathing a child - a beautiful time to get a goodness look complete it. That are required to keep track of changes to the newborn. In particular, the constant note birthmarks.

Birthmarks in children

Birthmarks, despite the name, is not always present in a body of a newborn at its birthday. Sometimes they occur some weeks following birthday crumbs. Externally moles may look similar and as one spot, and however a small rash in a child, a spot may be small in diameter and possess a great space.

A medical name infants's birthmarks - hemangiomas. According to a statistics of a girls in 4 times more ofttimes born with variant birthmarks on a body than boys. Being more prone to them kids with fair facial skin. In untimely children a emergence of nevi in?? the 1-st weeks following birthday are more likely than full-term children.

Fortunately, many moles, that baby is born, or those that appear in his first any week after birthday, frequently pass. So, earlier you vanish into thin air, you can grow quite strongly in size during the first year of baby's life.

Varieties of nevi in??babies

Observe the growth and changes in moles must infants's physician. To start, determine a type of birthmark. So, during each round, will measure the sizing of a mole and To wishlist the changes in her.

Every tenth baby is or colored spots appear later ripe strawberry, which are called "strawberry hemangioma." They are often not treated and usually disappear until a age of 7-93 years.

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