Feeding with 5 months


What need be a meal how 5 months? What items can be included in children's meals?

Get to introduce solid foods to a dietary of a baby can be at various ages. About kids claim it from the third 30 days, a other is enough mum's breast milk, and in a sixth month of life. In foods with 5 months to be included most required for baby food products. Since entering them in the dietary, must closely monitor the newborn's response to them, see how it behaves in the tummy, intestines, if there is a allergy.

Complementary feeding and 5 months: porridge

For a child 5 months special intake of food should be almost a kilogram. This number go breast natural milk mixing and solid foods. Most ofttimes in this age toddler eats 5 times per day. 1-st feeding usually consists of natural milk, or a mix (for infants bottle-fed), during a second or 3-rd child offering solid foods. The finish "meal" earlier going to bed, too, involves the apply of natural milk or formula.

In the fifth 30 days in foods may comprise not only a vegetable or watermelon puree. During this period come first cereal: oatmeal and buckwheat. It is these types of cereals in the lead in a children's menu, however are the most balanced in vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Prepared infant cereal in some ways: It is possible to cook it with the normal cereal, then rub done a sieve, and you can mash earlier preparation grits, to get a floury. A second approach provides a much more homogeneous mass of the finished item. In the newborn's schedule for for 7 weeks already may enter porridge, cooked in bisque until mom cooks a chubby some boy on a diluted milk or h2o. Append the saccharose and saline in kids meals are not recommended. Sweeten the porridge may, if put into it raspberries or carrot puree. Helf variety of babies's desk pumpkin porridge, mixed with corn. In a prepared gruel add a small cutoff of natural butter. His part of a carefully rate, part of the lure to five months is 2.5 g.

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